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Writing A New Story
"Child Abuse Can Impact a Child for Life. We Help Kids Write a New Story"

01/01/2021 Update - We have just come through ten months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of school closures the number of cases of unreported child abuse and child neglect have increased dramatically. This is the result of decisions being made by people in our government on behalf of our children and our families without consideration of the consequences of these decisions. As a result it is clear that there is a clear and obvious need for child advocacy. Families Renewed, Inc. has been involved in child advocacy in the past on a limited basis to help coordinate multi-agency services. We are now expanding our child advocacy efforts to include stakeholders, decision makers, and law makers in an effort to ensure parents are better able to make informed decisions as to how they want to raise their children and to reduce the liklihood of child abuse.

Even though new laws that have been passed to address the problem of child abuse, child abuse persists. York County and the surrounding areas experienced the following in 2016:

The effects on children who survive child abuse are long lasting. Not only are abused children likely to abuse their own children, but they also suffer from many emotional and mental health problems.

Families Renewed works with families and children to ensure they get the long term care they need. As with child homelessness and self harm, a focus on the strength of the nuclear family is paramount to both prevention and aftercare.