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Welcome to Families Renewed, Inc.

Families Renewed updated its plan to reduce or prevent self harm and suicidal ideation in children and young adults ages 10 - 24. This plan is being well received by those in the mental health community and the time is now to implement this initiative. To learn more visit our self harm and suicide prevention page.

Families Renewed, Inc., Has Teamed Up With Matt Dorgan To Create The Brianna Dorgan Memorial Fund

01/31/2021: We wanted to announce to that we have teamed up with Matt Dorgan for an event to kick off the Brianna Dorgan Memorial Fund, on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at 10:00. The event, created by Matt Dorgan and Mark Bauer is called Building Bridges for Brianna. It will be held at Lions Park 500 Lions Drive, Dallastown, PA 17313, right across from Dallastown Area High School. It is our hope that this event will not only heighten awareness of the tragedy of child and teen self harm, suicide, and child abuse, but will also give parents, families, and teens the tools needed to prevent future tragedies. Everyone is welcome. Please click the link below to read Brianna's story

Important Update Regarding Our Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic
01/01/2021 Update: After coming through ten months of navigating the pandemic and the various governments responses to it, we have been able to determine that there is currently a critical need for child and family advocacy. Families Renewed, Inc., has been engaged in child and family advocacy in the past on a limited child by child basis in the coordination of multiagency services to ensure the best interests and needs of the individual child and family are met. However, more recently, government administrations and law makers are making decisions without understanding the consequences of these decisions on, and without the input from advocates for, the most vulnerable members of our society, our children. It is clear that we must expand our child advocacy to a more regional advocacy that involves stakeholders, decision makers, and law makers.

Since the start of the pandemic:

Because of all the fighting and misinformation it is nearly impossible for parents to make good and informed decisions for their children and their families. In many cases government authorities are taking parental decision making away and making one size fits all decisions for them. This needs to stop. Parents need to be able to exercise their right to make decisions for their children and families. Parents need reliable information on which to base those decisions. Government authorities need to understand the consequences of their actions. This level of child and family advocacy falls within each of our programs for different reasons. While we are still committed to helping the child or family on an individual basis, the need for higher level advocacy cannot be ignored.

We need your help in taking up this fight. We need to be able to work with law makers, attorneys, and subject matter experts. This is the most financially demanding undertaking we have attempted to date. Please support us in this endeavor with a one time or recurring donation. We need your help more than ever now. More importantly, children and families need your help more than ever.