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Board of Directors

Bruce Norton - Bruce Norton brings more than forty years of experience in crisis intervention and crisis management and is the founder of Families Renewed, Inc. His passion for alleviating the suffering of others officially began when he was fourteen years old volunteering as a trained crisis intervention counselor for a crisis intervention center and suicide hotline in Columbia, Maryland. Bruce was, and still is, the youngest person ever to volunteer as a crisis intervention counselor there. When he turned eighteen, Bruce, who had already been certified in CPR and First Aid since age twelve, became a certified CPR Instructor and began his more formal training to eventually become a paramedic fulfilling one of his childhood dreams. Since then, he has functioned as a paramedic, instructor, and preceptor in fourteen different fire departments and ambulance companies spanning seven different jurisdictions across two different states. His medical experience is not just in the prehospital setting. He has also worked providing medical care and as an instructor in four different hospitals, as well as teaching on the college level as a faculty member. He has taught physicians, nurses, paramedics, and the lay public courses from basic first aid to Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Emergency Cardiac Care. Bruce has served as Affiliate Faculty for the American Heart Association where he also had input in course management and instructor training. Bruce also currently travels to Guatemala on medical missions trips where he serves as a medical provider. With all that he has done medically, Bruce did not abandon his roots in crisis intervention counseling. During this time he was also trained in critical incident stress debriefing as a part of a team called to help prehospital emergency first responders process the intense emotional responses that often occur as a result of a critical incident.

Bruce is also very family oriented and is not a stranger to complicated family structures. He has a wife and children who currently reside in Guatemala. He is currently working bring his Guatemalan family into the United States. He also has a biological daughter and a daughter he is raising for someone else, both of whom live with him at their home in Pennsylvania. He understands what is involved in being a single dad, what is involved in long distance relationships, and has experience raising children suffering from childhood traumas. Finally, Bruce is "dad" to countless boys and girls whom he has "unofficially" adopted. He currently serves as CEO and Chairman.

Crystal Dailey - Crystal Dailey has an extensive background in fund raising and event planning. More information about Crystal will be added later.

Howard Groh - Howard Groh is a senior business analyst. More information about Howard will be added later.

Matthew Dorgan - Matt Dorgan was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. He graduated from York Suburban High School in 1998 after which he moved to Key West to pursue an occupation in Marine Engineering. While in Key West, he worked many different jobs that catered to the tourism industry, but it was his experience working in a nightclub that reignited his childhood dream of becoming a police officer.

After graduating from the police academy in Key West, Matt was hired by the Key West Police Department where he worked on patrol for many years. Matt finally left to join the private sector in security and loss prevention which brought him back to Pennsylvania. While in the private sector, Matt built partnerships with many law enforcement agencies and was successful in lowering drug overdoses, robberies, attacks on retail workers and members of the community. He has always been driven to protect others and make changes for the better.

It was after the loss of his Daughter Brianna to suicide, December 3, 2020 that Matt came in contact with Families Renewed, Inc. Matt wanted to channel his grief into something positive for the community so other teens would not have to suffer the way Brianna suffered and so other parents would not have to suffer the grief of having to bury a child. In January 2021, Matt started putting together an awareness and fundraising event called Building Bridges for Brianna. After several conversations, Matt and Families Renewed, Inc. found the event was a natural fit for Families Renewed’s Self Harm and Suicide Prevention project. Now, Families Renewed’s Self Harm and Suicide Prevention project will be the beneficiary of the proceeds from Building Bridges for Brianna under its newly formed fund, the Brianna Dorgan Memorial Fund.

In his spare time Matt enjoys spear fishing, scuba diving, boating, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with friends.